Cardas Parsec power cord

Cardas Parsec power cord

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Delivers Performance Far Beyond Its Price Point

Introduced at the 2015 CES Consumer Electronic Show, Parsec Power is the latest high performance audiophile AC power cable from Cardas. Replacing bestselling Quadlink power cable in Cardas Audio's product line, Parsec offers improved technology and performance.

Among Parsec's many design benefits is its use of filtering on all three legs, contributing to the delivery of a clean and quiet power signal. Parsec Power delivers performance far beyond its price point and rounds out the impressive Parsec product line.

Highest Quality Termination

Parsec Power comes standard with all new Cardas 3455R wall plugs and 15 amp IEC connector, featuring copper blades and clips plated with rhodium over silver for improved electrical contact and current transfer. The compact body and secure fit of the Cardas 3455R wall plug helps maintain a tight grip on your AC receptacle, helping to prevent the Parsec Power cable from pulling out of the wall.