FEZZ Titania
FEZZ Titania
FEZZ Titania

FEZZ Titania

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Titania er en endog meget velspillende rørforstærker bestykket med 4 stk KT 88 rør i udgangstrinnet, og kombinerer den meget naturlige mellemtonegengivelse, i hvilken en traditionel rørforstærker excellerer med en udstrakt luftig og detaljeret diskantgengivelse med en fast og slagkraftig basgengivelse.

Titania er en endog meget god forstærker til en særdeles stærk pris.


Fezz Audio Titania is a vacuum tube based integrated amplifier, built using high quality components and in-house, dedicated transformers. Just like the first model as offered by the Polish company, the Titania is a purist construct designed with stereo systems in mind, systems from the middle and upper shelf. The name suggests that we are dealing with an amplifier capable of controlling even difficult loudspeakers and indeed, the 45 watts of power from four KT88 tubes, working in a push-pull configuration, is a very good result. Apart the KT88, the system is also equipped with two double 12AX7 triodes, used in the preamplifier and working as driver units. The design of the amplifier was developed in the Fezz Audio laboratory by a group of engineers with multiple years of work experience in the design and improvement of tube based pro audio systems. This new amplifier uses high-quality Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors, high-voltage Vishay capacitors and WIMA coupling capacitors. The power supply and audio output transformers were supplied by the mother company of Fezz Audio - by Toroidy.pl. They are executed as the Supreme class of audio transformers, made specifically for the needs of the Titania. Thanks to an optimized technology, pertaining to winding technique and choice of highest quality transformer cores, the company declares bandwidth exceptional for this class of equipment, exceeding 100 kHz in the upper range. Kindly take also note of the very low distortion, less than 0.2% THD. Such a distortion value is declared by the tube manufacturer. In this case, the Russian Electro Harmonix.

This allows to conclude that from the amplifiers architectural point of view, it introduces a distortion of close to zero. The power supply uses a powerful capacitor bank, with a total capacity of 770 uF which ensures an excellent supply of energy within the system. Toroidal signal transformers as applied in tube amplifier output stages are a product to which the Polish company has devoted an extraordinary amount of time and effort. The construction of dedicated measuring setups, adapted for various kinds of tube types, was a tedious, time-consuming task. The measurements lasted nearly 12 months. During this period, nearly 100 various prototypes of transformers have been created. These allowed to gain a wide knowledge base pertaining to the operations of toroids within the output section of a tube amplifier. Studies have shown that the use of toroidal cores brings some very interesting advantages over a E-I lammel based core, applied within a comparable system. A structurally optimized toroidal output transformer exhibits, above all, an excellent degree of mutual coupling between the primary and secondary windings. This hence results in an unusually low value of stray inductance. In conjunction with a very high value of inductance of the primary winding, a very high Quality factor has been achieved.


Technical data

Output Power: 2 x 45 W
System type: Push-Pull, class AB1
Output Impedance: 4/8 Ω
Inputs: 3 x RCA
THD: <0.2%
Frequency response: 18 Hz - 103 kHz (-3dB)
Power consumption: 180 W
Fuse: 3.15 A T
Dimensions (H/W/D): 17.5/42/41 cm
Weight: 17.5 kg
Price: €1950