ortofon mc anna pick up,musiklageret
ortofon mc anna pick up,musiklageret

Ortofon MC Anna Reference MC pick up - musiklageret

Normal pris 51.199,00 kr

Ortofon MC Anna er et statement på hvor hvad der er muligt at opnå nuværende tidspunkt med hensyn til tilgengængelige materialer og Ortofon`s nuværende ekspertise, og derfor placerer Ortofon MC Anna sig blandt verdens absolut bedste pick ups.

Ortofon har dedikeret denne pick up til den Russisk sopran Anna Netrebko.

Stereophile, May 2013
Reviewed by Michael Fremer

"...The ambitiuos MC Anna did (give you everything. - red), living up to its Ortofon heritage. Its dynamic capabilities were seemingly unlimited; its tonal balance was smooth and neutral from top to bottom, with only a slight but broad nudge in the lower mids and upper bass; and its textural abilities were second to those of no other cartridge I've heard..."
"...It's a gracefulsounding transducer with the liquidity to make solo violins sing almost singfully, but with enough bite..."
"...The MC Anna handled vocal sibilants claenly, precisely and smoothly - ans was really good with female voices..."