ortofon mc windfeld pick up,musiklageret
ortofon mc windfeld,musiklageret

Ortofon MC WIndfeld - musiklageret

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Ortofon er stolte af deres WIndfeld moving coil pick up, hvilket er fuldt forståeligt, for her er der tale om en ægte Reference serie pick up.

MC Windfeld er konstrueret på baggrund af den legendariske Ortofon MC A90 fra 2008, men benytter et hus i titanium istedet.

Ortofon har arbejdet intensivt med at minimere uønskede vibrationer skal kunne maskere signalet.
En pick up fungerer jo netop pga at man kan omsætte de mekaniske vibrationer imellem vinylet og nålerøret som forstærkes elektrisk, og netop derfor kan selv uønskede vibrationer, som ikke har noget med selve aftastningen af LP rillen, have uønskede konsekvenser.

De heldige musikelskere der vil kunne opleve en Ortofon MC Windfeld derhjemme, vil opleve en meget realistisk soundstage i både dybde og bredde, hvori hver enkelt musik præcist bliver defineret i lydbilledet.
Mikro detaljer gengives med største præcision, men Ortofon MC Windfeld mister aldrig det musikalske overblik.

Musiklageret kan være behjælpelig med rente & gebyrfri finansiering ved køb af din nye Ortofon MC Windfeld.

December 2017
Review: David Price

"A decade ago, Ortofon paid homage to its retiring design chief with a pick-up bearing his name. A hard act to follow, this new successor has had more than a makeover.

For decades we have seen constant new thinking on cartridge body materials, with all kinds of wood, alloys and plastics used – and sometimes even skeletal designs with no conventional body at all. For the MC Windfeld Ti, Ortofon has chosen to stick with the alloy and stainless steel construction seen in its predecessor, but add a new inner structure made of titanium (hence the suffix), using a process the company calls Selective Laser Melting (SLM). First seen in 2008’s MC A90 [HFN Sep ’09], the idea is to present the strongest and most rigid cartridge assembly to the tonearm’s headshell. The thinking is that any lost energy here can never be recovered, resulting in a diminution of dynamics and detail. The unique SLM process welds fine particles of titanium together, layer upon layer, to construct a single piece body devoid of extraneous material, says Ortofon. The technique is claimed to give precise control of the density of the body material, allowing for extremely high internal damping. The result is a lighter, quieter and yet more rigid cartridge compared to its already sturdy predecessor.

There’s no shortage of high-end moving-coil cartridges and to earn its rightful place the Ortofon MC Windfeld Ti has to offer a distinctive proposition to buyers. This it does in no uncertain terms – it has power, scale, precision and poise, while never being an overly ‘showy’ performer. It serves up a ‘matter of fact’ sound in a more compelling way than one might think possible, giving it an admirably wide appeal."