Soundbranding - the connection between investment and emotion.

Soundbranding - the connection between investment and emotion.

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“You can close your eyes – But you can not close your ears”

Bog udgivelse fra 2016 af Birgitte Rode, tidligere forsanger i New Bandene " Johnny & de kolde dæmoner " samt " Walk the Walk ", har udgivet denne bog omkring betydning af lyd indenfor markedsføring.
Birgitte Rode er i dag direktør for firmaet, som bla. arbejder for kendte firmaer som Bang & Olufsen mfl, og rådgiver / udvikler musik, lyd og YouTube markedsføring.

En lærerig bog, som er skrevet i et let forståeligt sprog, og henvender sig såvel til den professionelle marketings medarbejder i større firmaer, og til dig som ønsker større forståelse og indsigt i, hvor stor betydning lyd har for markedsføringen af dit firma.


It is Tuesday morning and Mark is waking up. The tranquillity of sleep has been interrupted by the radio turning on. The room is filled by the usual cheery opening salvo from his favourite radio station, proclaiming that that he is listening to the greatest curated music in the country.

Mark lays in bed for a bit, thinking through his day as the music is interrupted by jingles. Still sleep drunk, the sounds intermingle with the dream he is slowly slipping from he turns on the TV, just in time to be met by the urgent little composition signalling that the morning news are on while his smartphone ringtone mixes into the sound tapestry of the morning…

If you have doubts what impact sound and music have on you and your daily life and how you can use it in marketing and branding, you will get a number of answers in the book.

The book “Soundbranding – the connection between investment and emotion” is targeted to everybody with an interest in branding and marketing on the average level, as well as students and professionals within the field.