SUMIKO by Sonus Faber model S.9
SUMIKO by Sonus Faber model S.9
SUMIKO by Sonus Faber model S.9
SUMIKO by Sonus Faber model S.9
SUMIKO by Sonus Faber model S.9

SUMIKO by Sonus Faber model S.9

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The S.9 will transform your system – any expectations you may have of it – into an engaging, dynamic experience, alive with movement and emotion. The S.9 will produce genuine, room-filling bass with ease, and simultaneously provide previously unheard details and textures guaranteed to thrill.

The Sumiko S.9 utilizes an active-passive configuration; one of the 10-inch drivers is controlled by the 350 watt amplifier, while the other, passive driver reinforces the output of the active driver. This additional surface effectively doubles the air moving capacity of the design. The result is more dynamic, prodigious bass across the entire room while reaching over a half octave below the S.5. Both speaker level and subwoofer (line) level inputs are provided for the most flexible connectivity, and the controls let you dial in the subwoofer to blend perfectly into your system.

One or more Sumiko S.9 subwoofers in your system will transform your listening experience into a spectacular, life-like engagement that will keep you in your seat song after song, scene after scene – all at a very reasonable price.


September 15th, 2015

There are three models of Sumiko Subwoofers (S.0, S.5 and S.9) which differ for dimensions and power; however, even in the smallest model the sound is very deep in comparison with the competitors’ products. Besides the innovative design, the excellent sound quality and a competitive price, these high end loudspeakers stand out for being able to integrate with every setup, offering infinite customizations.

For his article the author Tyler Stripko has received a pair of S.9 Sumiko Subwoofer, carefully set up by Allan Haggar, Brand Manager for Sumiko Subwoofers and Mike Russo, Regional Sales Manager for Fine Sounds Group.
Designed is referred to as elegant, detached from the “boring box” shapes of traditional subwoofers; the test has been made with a home theatre system of property and with a setup composed by a 5.2 system of Sonus faber Olympica (Olympica III for the front, Olympica Center and Olympica I for the surrounding).

In both cases the timbre and sound quality are reported as stunning: in the Symphonic Dances by Rachmaninoff they were able to listen to the single strokes on the snare drum, and every beat was enphasized by its own reverberation. 

Tyler Stripko wanted to test the two Sumiko Subwoofers also in a multi-channel system, by playing a Linkin Park Audio-DVD of the Reanimation Live. Here his comment:

"The bass was incredibly tight and delineated. With a second sub in the mix bass depth increased nicely as well. While I always knew that having multiple subwoofers is almost always better than having just one, I had never experienced it in my listening room until now."

According to the author, getting to know the Sumiko Subwoofers is “a revelation”; despite the initial difficulty in the installation and integration, the product is pleasing from every point of view: from the design, to the sound and power. 


Passive Radiator, front-firing passive radiator, down-firing active woofer

1 x 260mm (10")
very long throw

350W rms, 700 peak

Active Drive Unit
10in., 260 mm long-throw, steel chassis 

Lower Frequency Response
25 Hz at -3 dB 

Input Connectors
Hi Level Neutrik Speakon, Lo Level single phono, LFE phono 

Phase Switch
Yes, 0 or 180 degrees 

Amplifier Type
Class AB 

Dimensions (WxHxD)
14x15.9x16.2 in
355x405x411 mm
Including feet 

Gloss Piano Black or White Lacquer 

46.2 lbs (21 Kg) – net weight
58.2 lbs (26,4 Kg) – shipping weight